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Intense Heat Waves Are the New Normal. How Can IGCs Help Gardeners Cope
by: The Garden Center Show Team

Intense heat waves are sweeping the nation. IGCs can help gardeners cope with products and education geared toward water conservation and heat protection.

Connecting With Customers Through Newsletters
by: The Garden Center Show Team

Independent garden centers can stand out from the competition by connecting with customers on a personal level through email marketing and newsletters. Newsletters should be personal and friendly, with a unique voice and perspective that customers will connect with.

How Independent Retailers Can Prepare for the Possible TikTok Ban
by: The Garden Center Show Team

TikTok has given entrepreneurs access to an audience they would not otherwise have, but a ban could threaten their livelihoods.

Are You Using Reddit to Its Full Potential
by: The Garden Center Show Team

Content marketing is all about providing value to customers through education, community, and beauty, and Reddit is a great way to do this.

SMS for ICGs
by: The Garden Center Show Team

Text marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is exactly what it sounds like: sending marketing messages to customers via text message. Many businesses already use text messages for promotional purposes.

The Power of Email Marketing
by: The Garden Center Show Team

One of the most powerful marketing tools you have at your disposal is your email list—not ads, not social media, but email. The biggest advantage of an email list is that it is yours.

Should Our Garden Center Join TikTok
by: The Garden Center Show Team

If you're passionate about not just selling but educating and entertaining, TikTok might be the platform for you. Don't just do a video on a new plant you have in stock; teach viewers how to best care for it. And above all, keep it real.

Collaboration: The IGC’s Key to Success
by: The Garden Center Show Team

No one business can capture every single customer. We all have a niche to fill, and we can coexist. As many small businesses slash marketing budgets, consider joining with other local IGCs to run ads together on a "support local businesses" theme.

Should We Be Doing Text Marketing?
by: The Garden Center Show Team

Text marketing is the practice of sending promotions or other marketing materials to consumers via text messaging. This article covers how businesses can reach smartphone users with text marketing.


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