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Madd Capp: Poster-Sized Jigsaws
New this year – puzzle pieces packed in biodegradable and compostable bags made of cornstarch, a renewable plant material. Check out our complete collection, including our cool take on classic games!

Meesh Drops: Designer Plant Hanging Decor
Macramé Hanging Décor ... My name is Michelle, and I am always thrilled to hand my creations to a new owner and to share the beauty of my Meesh Drops with others. Currently specializing in macramé, I have many different materials on hand and hanging concepts to design and unveil.

Home & Garden Décor from Koopman International Atlanta LLC
Introducing Koopman International, a leading name in the world of garden centers, where beauty, affordability, and European flair converge. A vast selection of products that embody European flair and design. From decorative pots to unique outdoor accessories to stylish planters, our collection is carefully curated to elevate your outdoor space and create a haven of beauty.

Planters from Greenship Garden USA LLC
Greenship Garden is a new supplier of sturdy, UV and weather resistant planters in the US market. The patented material is made from clay and resin, making it lightweight, unbreakable, and high quality for durability. There are many shapes, styles, and colors, and can replace materials that are easily shop worn and cracked like fiber clay, light concrete, low quality plastic.

Upcycle Planters from Foliera Greenhouse
A unique eco-friendly, sustainable new product line. Beautiful planters made from recycled car metal. Light weight Frost and rust resistant -- Many popular pantone colors available in matte and shiny finishes. Produced using environmentally friendly paint. Great for indoor and outdoor use.

Country Home Creations: Drink / Dip Mix Products
Gourmet Simplified .... Country Home Creations got its start in 1980 and continues to do things the old-fashioned way today. Our line of dip, spread, cheesecake, pickling, hummus, soup, and bread mixes promises to simplify your gourmet.

Smith Garden Center: Ornamental Concrete Statuary
Wholesale Provider of Florist Quality Memorial Plaques & Ornamental Concrete -- Brandon & Justin Smith, Owners. We are an ornamental concrete company who prides ourselves on the best product and customer service.

Sester Farms: Raspberry Shortcake® from Bushel and Berry®
This revolutionary thornless raspberry offers everyone a chance to enjoy raspberries like never before! Raspberry Shortcake® is compact, with a rounded growth habit, and it thrives in a patio pot or in the landscape.

Retailworks, Inc: Commercial Interior Design
Changing the Customer Experience -- Retailworks, Inc. is an award-winning commercial interior design, display, and branding firm. From visual merchandising and window displays to brand development to designing the interiors of new stores and remodeled spaces, we've got you covered!

Mossify: Bendable Moss Pole! (Simply Moss Art, Inc.)
Pull up your plants with our Bendable Moss Pole! At Mossify, we have developed the first Bendable Moss Pole™ and we are SO proud of it. Perfect support for your plants, every time.

Integrated Store Systems: Tablet / Handheld Computer
Featued @ Show -- M3W Tablet; This powerful tablet features a hot-swap battery capability so it never shuts down. MC66 Handheld Computer; this small, powerful, easy-to-use device enables store personnel to easily accomplish purchasing, receiving, deliveries, product search, item maintenance, sales orders, line busting and online order management.

gardenUP: Choose your garden in 3 easy steps
An online landscape design platform tailored for the garden center customer to use in-store for an instantly purchasable garden plan. gardenUP is built specifically to help garden centers streamline their garden design process.

Environmental Plant Management (EPM): Protection Plus 3-in-1 Pesticide
Our natural, 25(b) exempt commercial pesticide kills insects on the first treatment, eliminating the need for multiple treatments. The higher efficacy rates also mean insects don't have time to build up insecticide resistance; they just die. Protection Plus is more cost-effective, easier to use, and without all those added chemicals, safer and healthier.

Conant Collections / Weems & Plath: Weather Instruments
For over 30 years, Conant has created exceptional weather instruments. Over time, we have mastered the delicate blend of combining form and function with distinctive elegance. The result is a remarkably well-designed product line that meets the demand for style, elegance and accuracy.

Best Human Capital: Succession and Exit Planning for Horticultural Industry
We saw a gap in the horticulture market where business owners were not receiving holistic succession and exit planning advice. That is why BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group has partnered with PivotPoint Business Solutions to create a team of Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA) and Certified Value Builders™ so your transition is not left up to chance.

Beloit Plastics -- Austin Planter Pots and Saucers
The Classic design of these planters and saucers make it a great element for decorative purposes. The color is molded throughout the resin and matches many different decors.

Artscapes -- Folding Metal Plant Stands
Artscapes designs folding metal plant stands to display hanging flower baskets and floral arrangements on porches, decks, patios, walkways, etc. We offer many designs to accommodate different size baskets and planters. All products are painted black with a powder-coated finish.

Avera Products -- Acacia Wood Barrels
Made from sturdy Acacia wood, these barrels are designed with tongue-and-groove construction and sealed with all-natural Linseed oil for long-lasting durability. Powder-coated steel straps add additional strength, these barrels are made to last. Avera wood barrels are exactly what any garden and patio needs year round. The versatile and timeless look are perfect for both spring and fall seasons.

Endless Summer® introduced the world to hydrangeas that could bloom on old and new growth. What started as The Original, with its more compact size and distinctive blue or pink flowers, has blossomed into a collection of five eye-popping varieties. With meticulously fine-tuned genetics, distinctive packaging and national marketing support, Endless Summer® is as perfect for retailers, growers and landscapers as it is for your customers’ front yards.

Belvedere Marketing -- Custom Reusable Shopping Bag
Our custom VALUE bags meet/exceed all state and local "bag ban" requirements for "reusable shopping bags" and are PP-5 recyclable. Our VALUE LOGO bags include two Pantone color screen print on two panels, your choice of 80+ bag colors. Our VALUE COLOR bags include full color imprint on all panels, your choice of gloss or matte finish. Our VALUE SHOPPER bags hold six 4 inch pots and advertise your business.

Bendon Publishing -- Imagine Ink Formats
We are a leading supplier of children’s products and the largest manufacturer of activity books in the world. In addition to carrying robust domestic inventory across a wide range of formats and price points, we have recently conceptualized innovative new products specific to Lawn & Garden channel.

Botanical Collections -- Unique and Ethically Sourced Pottery
Botanical Collections is the source to the trade for exceptional, unique and ethically sourced pottery for home and garden. Our European-inspired pots are hand-thrown by talented artisans across many continents. Your patronage supports heritage craftsmanship.

Clesen Wholesale -- Holiday Branches, Sprays and Accents
Shop for your favorite branch and berry accents, and don’t forget to check out our Winter Greens list, as well! NEW! Hawthorne Sprays: When bigger is definitely better, stock up on our large (2cm diameter) hawthorn-like berry sprays for undeniable impact.

Eckert's -- The Weekender hanging basket
Our wicking system makes it easier for non established or plants that are normally shallow rooted to receive water from the 1 gallon reservoir. The Weekender from H2O Labor Saver is a unique hanging plant container that allows you to save water, labor, and money!

Flowers Canada Growers -- We are offering a FREE copy of the 2022 edition of The Canadian Greenhouse Growers' Directory and Buyers' Guide
Flowers Canada Growers are exhibiting at this year's Garden Centre Show to educate buyers on the quality and availability of Canadian grown floral products and the industry supplies and services by promoting the FREE "Canadian Greenhouse Growers' Directory and Buyers' Guide.

Galton Wholesale -- Metal Yard Art, Wrought Iron Garden Décor and Pottery Manufacturing and distributing products 100% handmade in Mexico to truckload sales for our garden centers, landscaping companies, nurseries and any outdoor sellers. Stocked inventory round year in our Texas warehouse with immediate shipping capabilities. We are looking forward to showcasing our product line to any garden store looking to expand their product line!

Gardien® Products -- DuraWeb™ Ultimate Weed Control & Landscaping Fabric + The Gardien® line of Adjustable Plant Stand Designs.   Whether you’re a green thumb or a greenhorn, we’ve got 40 years of experience to guide you every step of the way. We’re excited to help you prepare, grow, protect and beautify your space!

GardInnovations -- Seed-in Soil Digger
The Seed-in Soil Digger is the newest garden tool that allows gardeners to simultaneously create 17 evenly-spaced holes in the soil for planting seeds and seedlings. There is no need to measure the distance between each seed hole or dig each one individually. This one-of-a-kind garden tool makes a perfect gift for any gardener!

Henri Studio by Stonecasters -- Fountain and Statuary
Dear Henri Studio Enthusiast! As we’ve all realized, relationships and being close with those we love are first and foremost in our lives. To that end, Henri Studio continues to provide the most diverse and original fountain and statuary offerings, enhancing the living environments of families around the world! For 2022, we’re adding 21 NEW HENRI STUDIO ORIGINALS! The creativity continues at Henri Studio.

IJIT Export Agency -- Life-sized animal garden statues
Our Life-sized animal garden outdoor statues are made from both recycled metal and recycled flip flops collected from the beaches. We turn flip-flops into art and functional products and in turn raise visual awareness of the problem at hand. By creating these masterpieces, we are sending a message about how we can help our planet, our oceans and people, through creating beautiful art that portray an important message about the state of our oceans.

Lake Valley Seed -- Conventional, Organic and Value Seed Packets
Lake Valley Seed is a national, full line garden seed company with more than 35 years of experience as a trusted resource for flower, herb, and vegetable seeds. Our flower, vegetable, and herb seeds are carefully selected from growers around the world.

Lakeland Mills -- Cedar Log Furniture since 1928
Crafted from solid wood, rustic log furniture is beautiful and durable. Every piece is created to add charm and comfort to your indoor rooms is made with pride in the USA. There are no plastic parts, no hidden particle board and no false laminates used on any piece of our products. Created to last generations, log furniture is known to last a century or more.

Mossify -- The Bendable Moss Pole™
At Mossify, we have developed the first Bendable Moss Pole™ and we are SO proud of it. Perfect support for your plants, every time. We are very excited to meet new people and supply garden centers across the US! We are so ready to support your communities plants!

The Naked Bee -- Serious Hand Repair Cream
Repair dry hands with our Serious Hand Repair Cream. A Naked Bee best seller, now in an 8 oz. pump! Available in Orange Blossom Honey, Coconut & Honey, and for the first time, Lavender & Beeswax and Unscented! Personal care products made in the USA with "All the good stuff, none of the bad stuff."

Painted Sky Designs -- Cast Iron Tree of Life Bench
This artist-designed bench is sure to create an eye-catching seating arrangement on your patio, deck, or front porch. As a small family-owned business, we are looking forward to bringing our unique niche of artist-designed outdoor furniture and accessories to all the IGCs who are as unique as we are!

PittMoss® -- Plentiful-Organic Potting Mix
Made from organic, recycled natural cellulosic fibers blended with organic fertilizer. Use PittMoss Plentiful Organic Potting Mix to replace peat-based mixes to grow organic fruits, vegetables and flowers! Plants will appreciated the wonderful PittMoss properties.

L.J.Linen -- Plant-I-Boost Organic Fertilizers
At Plant-I-Boost, we think a lot about growth. Not growth of our bottom line, but growth of living things. So, we make all-natural plant foods to help the world, especially your little corner of it, be more beautiful and sustaining. Your plants will thrive on the nourishment provided by our products, and you may feel a sense of personal growth as well.

Retailworks, Inc. -- Instore Store Design
We are all about design, whether it be commercial interior design, custom displays and fixtures for garden centers and floral shops, window displays, signage or branding! Let our 26 years of experience help your business bloom!

Spring Meadow Nursery -- Liners Growers Count On
Flowering Shrub Innovations! Spring Meadow Nursery is the leading source for flowering shrub potted liners and starter plants. We’re also the developers behind Proven Winners® ColorChoice® flowering shrubs.

Stone Age Creations -- Hand-Carved Natural Stone Creations
We offer products that are hand-caved from 100% natural stone as created by mother nature. From benches to birdbaths, fountains to fire pits, animals to accents, Stone Age Creations offer unique, fine quality products that feature unmistakable character. Our products have endured outdoor environments for thousands of years and will continue to do so for generations.

TDI Carts & Trunk Liners -- Nursery and Shopping Carts
For > 17 years, we've focused on providing products to U.S. Garden Center Industry to assist businesses in creating a better experience for customers. Our mission from day one still remains true today: to be your go-to supplier; the people you turn to for innovative, distinctive, and timeless garden products.

Tierra Garden -- SK Indoor Pottery
Made in Germany, SK Indoor Pottery with natural, native clay and 100% rainwater, 100% waterproof, 4 displays available or by the tray (24 tray min). Our mission from day one remains true: to be your go-to supplier; the people you turn to for unique garden products.

Zaer Ltd International -- Timeless Garden Statues
A leading manufacturer and distributor of wholesale home and garden decorations. We are family owned and operated and specialize in unique, one-of-a-kind, weather resistant, iron crafted decor. Our products are sold all over the world, from major retailers to boutiques.

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