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Build Your Business With Us. Hill Management Group helps small-to-midsized business owners build stronger strategies and improve operations. In addition to consulting business owners across many industries, we have deep knowledge of the jewelry, luxury, and lifestyle business sectors, and we consult the entire verticals of these industries, from raw material sourcing and management through design, manufacturing, and both online and physical retailing. Our services are available through three brands: StrategyWerx, WerxMarketing, and MentorWerx. Read on to see how we can help you make your business grow and prosper.

Who is Hill Management Group ... HMG is owned by Andrea Hill. Andrea has over 35 years professional experience as the CEO and president of start-up through mid-sized companies, and she has demonstrated serial success in leading companies through rapid and profitable growth. She launched Hill Management Group in 2007, which serves small businesses in many produc industries with deep knowledge in the international jewelry and accessory, lifestyle, luxury, and home goods verticals. The company is known primarily through its brands: StrategyWerx, WerxMarketing, and MentorWerx. Andrea also plays a key role in the management and marketing of the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference, which has become a gathering of the worldwide community working to create mine-to-market responsible supply chains in metals and gem materials.

Address:   1 E. Erie St. Suite 525 (POB 2036) Chicago, IL 60611
Email:  consult@strategywerx.com
Contact:   Andrea Hill
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Speaker: Andrea Hill, CEO

    Conference Programs: Webinar in a Box, How to be a Better Manager
    Conference Program: Webinar in a Box Date: August 8, 2023 .... Time: 1:00 - 1:45 p.m. In a world where digital engagement is paramount, harnessing the potential of webinars has become essential for businesses seeking to connect with their target audience effectively. Welcome to "Webinar in a Box,"...

    Hill Management Group @ The Garden Center Show

      The Premier Conference & Trade Show for IGCs
      The Garden Center Show: The premier event for IGCs -- STAY CONNECTED! The Garden Center Show for independent garden center (IGC) owners and professionals brings together the brightest minds and hottest products in one place for a conference and exhibition. All attendees receive access to the...


                 The Lawn & Garden Marketing Association "Green Marketing" programs -- Plan for Success at Events  /  Stay Connected Year Round
                 Contact LGMA to Showcase New Products / Catalogs / Seasonal Promotions --- GoGreen@LGtradeshow.com