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Michigan Peat -- From the ground up, Dedicated to quality
Over the past 50 years, Michigan Peat has earned a reputation for providing products that surpass the standards of discriminating professional growers and home gardeners. That's because we precisely formulate and blend our mixes using only high-quality ingredients to put "nature and science in balance".

Profile® Products -- Solutions for your Environment™
Profile® Products delivers proven solutions for many different environments—all with an eye toward being friendly to the environment. From erosion control and vegetative establishment to sports field conditioning and golf course construction and maintenance, Profile brings knowledgeable people, purpose-driven products and groundbreaking technology on-site for you.

Pearl's Premium -- Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed
The secret is in the roots! Pearl's Premium patent pending seed mixtures grow very deep roots after one year. As a result, a properly installed and maintained Pearl’s Premium lawn: --- taps into naturally-occurring moisture to minimize watering and better resist drought; taps into naturally-occurring nutrients to minimize need for chemical treatments; grows very slowly above ground to minimize mowing; grows very slowly above ground to minimize nutrient requirements.

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Agricultural, Horticultural and coconut based Products
Established in Sri Lanka since 1999, FNF Exports has excelled in the field of Agricultural, Horticultural and coconut based Products. The company has established long business relations with leading international buyers in Asia, USA and Europe.

100% natural organic fertilizer that can be used for indoor plants in pots, for restoration of barren soil and for plants in beds, greenhouses. Nutrients are released slowly and as it is 100% natural does not pollute ground water and does not burn plants. We offer NPK tailor crafted formulas as well as simple solutions. NPK fertilizers are three-component fertilizers providing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Beyond Fertilizer -- Sustainable biosolids fertilizer
Sustainable and Organic Fertilizer Solutions for Your Farm and Beyond -- Return is dedicated to the future of farming because we were farmers first. That’s why we bring sustainable soil management and enhancement products to market that make sense on our ground and in yours. To build a sustainable, regenerative farming future, and increase yields along the way, today’s crop nutrients need to work better than synthetics at supplying slow-release fertilizer and organic matter to the ground.

Tree Service -- Clearing the way since 1985
With the Nation's largest fleet of land clearing equipment, Homer Tree Service is uniquely qualified to handle even the most comprehensive land clearing projects. Year after year we clear the way for new housing developments, highways, industrial sites, airports, easements for utility providers and more. Our clients know that when they rely on Homer Tree Service they receive superior, state-of-the-art service and project completion that exceeds their expectations.

Our Revolutionary, Up-Cycled Products for Gardening and Beyond!
PittMoss® manufactures revolutionary products from organic, recycled paper. Carefully and locally sourced, our products are the result of decades-long research into the use of recycled paper fibers. The result? The best performing, most environmentally-friendly gardening mixes on the market, that also require less water! PittMoss® also produces animal bedding that's unlike any other beddings today.

Nurture plants & Planet ... The first Earth Positive soils made from captured CO2
We’re a team of plant nerds united by the crazy idea that good soil can change the world. We’ve set out to create the highest quality products with the lowest possible environmental footprint. Often, this results in low-quality soils that suffocate roots and stunt growth. We craft our mixes with these specific needs in mind. It’s living soil in a bag — the perfect way to give your plants the TLC they need to thrive.

Since 1985 we have been providing the highest quality seed available
Lake Valley Seed is a national, full line garden seed company with years of experience as a trusted resource for flower, herb, and vegetable seeds. Distributed in garden centers, hardware stores, farm and ranch stores, grocers, and other retail stores throughout the United States, we’ve grown a family of dedicated customers.

Keeping Heirloom Seeds Where They Belong ... In Our Gardens & On Our Tables
We built a movement, not a seed company. Since 1975, we have grown, saved, and shared heirloom seeds and led a movement to protect biodiversity and preserve heirloom varieties. At the heart of our organization is a seed bank that houses a collection of 20,000+ rare, open-pollinated varieties.


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