We Make Wholesale Greeting Cards -- We Still Feel Home Made  
At Sun Day Greetings, it’s how we do the little things that matters. It’s how we have always done things. We make cards that feel like home. All our cards are crafted with a personal touch. It all started with a homemade birthday card I made for Alan. He loved it so much he couldn’t resist showing it to our neighbors and friends. I then started using my photographs to make cards for friends and family. Everyone loved the cards and said we should start a business. As it happened, a neighbor was opening up a boutique and was hoping to find a unique card line. She asked us to design some cards for her store . . . Sun Day Greetings was born!

Alan Kellman & Brenda Hayes
I loved shooting pictures but worked as a graphic designer. Now I am able to combine my two passions into one profession. Alan, who holds an MBA, worked in various areas of finance and business. Growing weary of the corporate world, he dreamed of running his own business. However, he never saw himself as a salesman. Alan’s passion and enthusiasm for these cards made the sales role come naturally and he is absolutely sincere when he talks about them. I cannot do what he does and he cannot do what I do. This makes us a great team. So here we are following our dreams with a home based business that we love. Alan and I have a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoy creating and selling our cards.

We have appreciated and taken to heart all the encouragement, ideas and suggestions you have given us. Your help has contributed to our success. We look forward to working with you again this year and welcome more of your valued comments and suggestions.

Address:   Amherst, MA
Email:  info@sundaygreetings.com
Phone:  413.253.0866   FAX:  413.253.0877


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