Conference Program:   Future Grass Technology
    Date: August 8, 2023 .... Time: 3:00 - 3:45 p.m.

    Jackson Madnick is an environmental scientist, educator and lawn care expert, inventor of Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed, now in over 500,000 lawns and cemeteries in all soils & climates. An award-winning, non-GMO, US Patented sustainable grass seed mixture that is Pet & Planet Friendly TM, for both homes and cemeteries to save dramatic time, money, water and health. It grows so slowly, it needs mowing and weed whacking only once a month rather than weekly. Pearl's Premium reduces... 75% of lawn water and eliminates the need for toxic lawn chemicals to protect children, animals and drinking water. With more surface area above the soil and 6-foot roots, it sequesters carbon at 10x that of ordinary shallow-root grass to help protect the environment, lessen climate change and lessen extreme weather. Winner of 18 national and international awards, Jacokson's past environmental work has been commended by two White Houses, The National League of Cities, VP Al Gore, astronaut & Senator John Glenn, and the United Nations. Come learn more!

    Jackson Madnick -- Founder of Pearl's Premium  
    Jackson Madnick is a longtime environmentalist and water resources and sustainability expert who's work has been commended by two White Houses (first Bush and Clinton), the United Nations, John Glenn, National League of Cities and Al Gore, among others. Jackson helped renew the National Clean Water Act, with a low-energy, nationally-televised event that gathered one million signatures for a petition to renew the act. He has been researching innovative ways to save energy, improve surface and groundwater quality and create healthier lawns that require no fertilizer, dramatically less time, money, water and green house gasses. He lives in a sustainable house that he is renovating to produce 95 % of its heating, cooling and power from the sun and earth.

    Pearl's Premium -- Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed.  
    The secret is in the roots! Pearl's Premium patent pending seed mixtures grow very deep roots after one year. As a result, a properly installed and maintained Pearl’s Premium lawn: --- taps into naturally-occurring moisture to minimize watering and better resist drought; taps into naturally-occurring nutrients to minimize need for chemical treatments; grows very slowly above ground to minimize mowing; grows very slowly above ground to minimize nutrient requirements.

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