Horticulture at MSU ... science and technology to cultivate human and environmental health.  
Michigan has long been an important horticultural state. After the forests were cut in the late l800s, farmers moved to Michigan and found good land and climates conducive to growing many horticultural crops. Land located along Lake Michigan is particularly suited for apple, peach and cherry orchards because southwesterly winds sweeping across the lake provide protection from sudden temperature changes. Former swamps are now used to produce blueberries, celery, onions, and other horticultural crops. Nurseries, florists and garden centers are numerous, and urban areas provide ready markets for horticultural products.

MSU Horticulture FacilitiesAs a subject, Horticulture has been part of the Michigan State University curriculum since this pioneer land grant institution opened in 1857. In 1883 Horticulture became a separate department headed by Liberty Hyde Bailey, who later became known as the "Dean of American Horticulture." Eustace Hall, the first building to be constructed in the United States solely for the teaching and study of horticulture, was completed in 1888, and it remains as the second oldest academic building on campus. The Department has offered MS degrees since 1910 and PhD degrees since 1927.

The Horticulture Department is known throughout the world for its excellence in teaching and research. In 1986 the MSU Horticulture Department moved into the new Plant and Soil Sciences Building located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Wilson and Bogue Streets. Some of the outstanding features of this facility are computerized greenhouses, excellent research and teaching laboratories, a floral design lab, a retail plant shop, and an autotutorial lab for students.

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Speaker: Dr. Bridget K. Behe, Professor Emeritus of Horticultural Marketing

    Conference Program: The Art & Science of Pricing Products
    Conference Program: The Art & Science of Pricing Products Date: August 9, 2023 .... Time: 11:00 - 11:45 a.m. There is more to pricing than simply calculating costs and markup. Bridget will discuss some pricing strategies and share some research-based findings on how consumers react to pricing in...

    Michigan State Univ (Dept of Horticulture) @ The Garden Center Show

      The Premier Conference & Trade Show for IGCs
      The Garden Center Show: The premier event for IGCs -- STAY CONNECTED! The Garden Center Show for independent garden center (IGC) owners and professionals brings together the brightest minds and hottest products in one place for a conference and exhibition. All attendees receive access to the...


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