Macramé Hanging Décor  
In the midst of a nationwide quarantine, and in a search to find some handmade graduation gifts, I stumbled upon beautiful macramé. As I stared at the creations, I thought if I made them myself, they would be more special. After trial and error, I had a few pieces that looked so adorable and I kept making more. I couldn't stop, they were so cute!

Designer Hanging Decor
My name is Michelle (Meesh is an old silly nickname), and I am revisiting my creative roots with hanging décor as my outlet. I get warm fuzzies from each customer who purchases a hanger, gives a compliment, or sends a photo of their new décor in their own space. I am always thrilled to hand my creations to a new owner and to share the beauty of my Meesh Drops with others. Currently specializing in macramé, I have many different materials on hand and hanging concepts to design and unveil.

For hanger information, hanging tips, ideas, and quick fixes, visit the FAQ page on our website.

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Meesh Drops @ The Garden Center Show

The Garden Center Show -- The premier event for IGCs
Macramé Hanging Décor  Meesh Drops are high-quality macramé plant hangers with meticulously-designed nets to securely hold pots from 3” to 10”. Based in Eau Claire, WI, we currently feature bestsellers The Staggered Spiral Collection, The Stacked Collection, and our...