Inspiring and educating the next generation of plant lovers .... Plant Truck Chicago . 
We inspire through educational and hands-on experiences with plants! Get Growing Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit. We are on a mission to provide year-round educational programming and community outreach to cultivate new plant lovers. We fulfill our mission through hands-on workshops, our Plant Truck Chicago pop-ups, and free plant giveaways. We strive to inspire interest in horticulture and the environment, especially among youth in under-resourced communities.

Plant Truck Chicago -- Plant Truck Chicago provides us a one-on-one opportunity to educate people on the benefits of plants, and teach them how to be more successful in greening their indoor or outdoor space. If you’d like Plant Truck Chicago to visit your neighborhood or office building, let us know!

Address:   3636 S. Iron St. Suite B222 Chicago, IL 60609
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