All Natural, Effective and Safe Deer & Animal Repellents . 
Bobbex repellents are all natural, effective and safe to use on all plants. Inherently, Bobbex repellents are chemical free-fertilizer. We use a variety of protein based products and a few plant enhancing ingredients that actually make Bobbex good for plants. The products are also safe for humans, animals, insects, and aquatic life. Because we use so many repelling ingredients, our products are the most effective deer and small herbivore deterrent in the marketplace today. Its potency and longevity are best for all ornamentals, trees and shrubs. Bobbex offers a wide range of solutions for your pest problems. And all of our products are environmentally friendly, meaning no guilt, no damage and no pests.


Environmentally Friendly Protection
Manufacturer of all natural deer and small animal repellents. Bobbex is proud to provide safe, effective deer and small animal repellents. We are passionate about helping our customers manage the damage these herbivores cause to their property.

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