Special Offer: One PDQ of 24 Classic Spinning Daisies in sunflower or random colors for $58 including shipping.   Beloit Plastics is a family owned business offering products made in Beloit WI. Our Spinning Daisies have been sold for many years and bring back memories for many people. Our Planters and saucers are good quality at a fair price. Contact us! Phone: 608-365-5289

The Garden Center Show .... Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Garden Center Show for independent garden center owners and professionals is the premier event for IGCs. We bring together the brightest minds and hottest products in one place for a conference and exhibition.

FOR YOUR GARDEN & OUTDOORS - Lawn/Garden decor that adds a fun touch to your property and are useful too!  
Beloit Plastics, LLC is a family owned company in Beloit, WI. We occupy a building on Inman Pkwy, in which we have a production floor and a showroom. Our showroom doubles as a store, for those of you who may want to stop by to check out our products in person. As our name suggests, our company focuses on manufacturing plastic products, as well as some rubber materials.

All made entirely in the US
We specialize in injection molding, mold and die design, parts assembly, and retail packaging. Our products can fill a vast range of needs, offering lawn decorations, shelving, tables, storage options, and SnapNStrut pipe and conduit hangers.

OUR MACHINES -- We have three new JSW all electric injection molding machines, 85,180 and 350 ton, plus two 85 ton, a 265 and 440 ton machines. We use several Procunier machines to drill and tap parts at high rates.

Address:   1238 East Inman Pkwy Beloit WI, 53511
Email:  info@beloitplastics.com
Phone:  608-313-8888   FAX:  608-313-8891


Austin Planter Pots and Saucers
The Classic design of these planters and saucers make it a great element for decorative purposes. The color is molded throughout the resin and matches many different decors.


Stepping Stones
The one-piece design can simply be set into the ground and, because of its textured surface, provides great traction even when wet. Their easy installation and durability makes them a great alternative to the painstaking process of installing a stone or concrete pathway-no digging required! Our resin Stepping Stones make for a great lawn or garden decoration as they are, or painted with plastic safe paint to add a pop of color. They are also extremely easy to clean! You can wipe them off or just spray them with a garden hose.

Classic Spinning Daisies
Our spinning daisies plant straight into the ground and use wind power to create a brilliant display of color and motion. The vibrantly colored 10 petal design is almost 12 inches in diameter and makes for a wonderful sight. Our aesthetically pleasing plastic wind spinner can also improve on the life of your garden or lawn.