Healthy Soil From Happy Sheep
Raw-wool, organic fertilizer for healthy soil and plants
retain water . fertilize . aerate . protect .... Woollets™ values ecology, equality, honesty, integrity, and community. Our goal is to provide a wool pellet product that benefits the planet, the local economy, and the larger agricultural community by paying fair prices for sustainable materials and selling our product at fair prices.

About the women behind the vision
Woollets was founded by women who had a vision of a healthier planet. Seeking a way to help the sheep industry with the vast amounts of unused wool, we divert a waste product from landfills, repurposing it to renew soil without microplastics. Based in Argyle, Wisconsin, Woollets™ sources raw wool from local sheep farms, paying a fair price, then heat pelletizes the wool to create Woollets™ for the home and garden.

Karen Mayhew is a fiber artist, shepherd, and fourth-generation farmer, with a background in large market vegetable farming. She is currently raising a small flock of 40 heritage breed sheep with her husband, along with a varying number of chickens, goats, rabbits, and a cranky guardian llama. In addition to her day job at the USPS, she also manages their farm stay guest rental and rides herd on the family teens. A hand spinner, Karen is always seeking new and creative uses for the mountain of wool her sheep produce.

Elaine Becker is an educator and prairie enthusiast with a degree in Environmental Science. Elaine grew up helping her family grow and preserve garden vegetables and was raised on gardening magazines and edgy ideas like dandelion root coffee. She is excited to share her passion for the environment and spread the word about the magical properties of wool. She hopes to see wool become the go-to for small gardens and large operations alike.


We are a small woman owned company producing wool pellets for gardens.

Address:   1982 Horner Lane, Argyle, WI 53504
Contact:   Karen Mayhew
Phone:  608-228-3603   FAX: 


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