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    The Garden Center Show for independent garden center (IGC) owners and professionals brings together the brightest minds and hottest products in one place for a conference and exhibition. All attendees receive access to the exhibit hall, keynote sessions and the networking reception.

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    We Are Digital First .... Digital marketing is about more than being comfortable with technology. It's about having such deep understanding of the marketing discipline that you can effectively communicate your message through any medium.

    Big Business Marketing -- SMART BUSINESS BUDGETS . 
    WerxMarketing provides marketing and internet services that help small businesses compete. Small business budget, big business image! No big agency rates. No big agency run-around. Just a group of dedicated professionals giving you the best marketing for your dollar. We understand what it means to be a small business, and the need to make sure every marketing dollar counts. We have deep expertise in the jewelry industry — we speak the language, we know the industry at all levels, and we understand the luxury consumer. We also focus on home goods, apparel, accessories, and lifestyle brands, and have many service business clients. Whether you need marketing planning, copywriting, graphic design, a website, video, ad layouts, database support, or a social media campaign, WerxMarketing can help. Let us be your in-house marketing support – we’re always just an email or a phone call away.

    We Are Digital First .... Digital marketing is about more than being comfortable with technology. It's about having such deep understanding of the marketing discipline that you can effectively communicate your message through any medium.

    Address:   1 E. Erie St. Suite 525 (POB 2036) Chicago, IL 60611
    Contact:   Andrea Hill
    Phone:  (414) 600-0902   FAX: 


    Part of Hill Management Group -- Business Support You Can Grow On
    .... StrategyWerx, WerxMarketing, MentorWerx

    Build Your Business With Us. Hill Management Group helps small-to-midsized business owners build stronger strategies and improve operations. In addition to consulting business owners across many industries, we have deep knowledge of the jewelry, luxury, and lifestyle business sectors, and we consult the entire verticals of these industries, from raw material sourcing and management through design, manufacturing, and both online and physical retailing. Our services are available through three brands: StrategyWerx, WerxMarketing, and MentorWerx. Read on to see how we can help you make your business grow and prosper.

    Who is Hill Management Group ... HMG is owned by Andrea Hill. Andrea has over 35 years professional experience as the CEO and president of start-up through mid-sized companies, and she has demonstrated serial success in leading companies through rapid and profitable growth. She launched Hill Management Group in 2007, which serves small businesses in many produc industries with deep knowledge in the international jewelry and accessory, lifestyle, luxury, and home goods verticals. The company is known primarily through its brands: StrategyWerx, WerxMarketing, and MentorWerx. Andrea also plays a key role in the management and marketing of the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference, which has become a gathering of the worldwide community working to create mine-to-market responsible supply chains in metals and gem materials.

    Video marketing is more important than ever before - in fact, it's predicted that by 2025, 70% of all internet content that's consumed will be video or motion graphics. Companies of every size and type are using video and animation on websites, in social media, for internet advertising, and trade events. You can't afford to market without video! And you don't have to be a big business with a massive marketing budget to tap into the power of video marketing. WerxMarketing can help you put together professional videos within a budget you can afford. So what are your big video marketing ideas?

    • Product or brand promotions?
    • Training for sales staff promoting your lines?
    • Brand enhancements?
    • Artist statements?
    • Video blogs?
    • Event recaps?

    All WerxMarketing videos are professionally edited in-house, using Adobe tools and our very talented editing team. Our fees will be based on live camera time (if required) and story creation, production, and editing time. Camera time differs from market to market, and we work with videographers everywhere in the United States and Canada. Writing, production, and editing is billed out at an hourly rate. The WerxMarketing team is highly creative, efficient, and  business  savvy, with the added advantage that we know your business, so we get it right.

    Whatever your ideas are, bring them to WerxMarketing and we'll help you bring them to life.

    Graphic Design isn’t just for visual interest – it’s about illustrating ideas, conveying emotion, providing inspiration, and motivating people to respond. Graphic design is also about much more than understanding how to use the technology. Our graphic designers are trained in the discipline of design, and how to visual elements to convey complete thoughts and messages in a way that resonates with viewers.

    At WerxMarketing, we approach graphic design from a very sophisticated place (even if we’re producing a design that is playful and childlike!). Our designers are carefully directed by marketing planners to create certain feelings and experiences in line with the client’s brand and message. It’s this approach to design that makes our graphics perform better compared to a less thoughtful approach.


    The best marketing is based on well-thought-out messaging, and the best messaging requires the best copywriters. WerxMarketing has one of the best teams of copywriters around. In fact, we’d match our copywriting staff against any big agency any day! We work hard to craft your messages in a voice that your customers will recognize as your own.

    One of the biggest drawbacks of most marketing efforts is that they are not well written – and believe us, something with only five words could be poorly written if they’re not precisely the right five words! You’ll be delighted and even amazed at how much of a difference a strong copywriting effort will make for your marketing. Your brand will instantly become more professional, more believable, and more desirable with expert copy conveying your message.


    One size does not fit all in social media. Whether you’re spending $500 with us per month or $5,000, WerxMarketing makes the time and effort to understand your products, your voice . . . your brand. We start with analysis of your current social media experience and message testing to see which types of messages will create the most engagement. Then we look for new followers and fans and engage your entire community with messages that sound and feel the way you want your brand to sound and feel.


    Social Media doesn’t require a strategy if you’re just using it for fun. But if you’re doing Social Media for business, you need an ROI. Social Media can provide significant visibility for your company, but you need to use strategy to get the benefits. What is Social Media Strategy? It includes knowing how (and where) to look for the most lucrative followers – the ones who want to talk about and buy what you have to sell. It includes following hash tags and keywords and jumping onto message trends that are relevant to your business. Social Media Strategy means thinking clearly and concisely about what messages you want to convey online and how you want your brand to be perceived online, and then going after the followers and fans that want to engage with your message, spread your message, and buy your products.

    Sure, it's easy to log onto Facebook and Twitter, but once you get past the initial setup and friend-finding, most people aren't sure how to turn social media's potential into business growth.  But we are. Let WerxMarketing show you how to integrate social media - and which aspects of social media - into your marketing strategy. When do you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Pinterest, or a host of other platforms? Which customers are spending time where? How do you get (and keep) their attention? How do you turn followers into buyers? These are all questions WerxMarketing knows how to answer. We'll help you build a social media strategy that pays dividends in brand awareness, new customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and ultimately, sales.


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