Garden Edging
Create stylish borders in your landscape to transform your outdoor oasis.
The Scape-up Garden Edging has a natural look and is made from 100% recycled plastics. Our product is designed to last for 20 years. When no longer needed, it can be recycled again. It is very easy to install. Even small curves can be created without breaking the edging. For cutting, use same equipment as for wood.

Strong and flexible edging for landscaping

Scape-up Garden Edging offers several benefits that can enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space. Let’s explore some of these advantages:

  • Separation and organization:
    One of the main benefits of our edging is that it separates various elements such as lawns, mulch, gravel, rocks, flowerbeds, and walkways. It will give your garden a more organized and well-maintained look. Edging keeps your plants from sprawling into unwanted areas, neatly containing them within their designated spaces.
  • Weed control:
    Edging prevents weeds from spreading into your flowerbeds or vegetable gardens. It will save you time and effort on weed control and ensures that your plants have no competition from weeds.
  • Erosion prevention:
    Edging helps prevent soil from being washed away during heavy rains or flooding. This is especially important if your garden is on a slope or hillside.


Scape-up edging is 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. It is available in 3 colors: Grey, Black and Brown. Feel free to explore these products to see which suits your project best.

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