The Garden Center Show .... Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Garden Center Show for independent garden center owners and professionals is the premier event for IGCs. We bring together the brightest minds and hottest products in one place for a conference and exhibition.

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Welcome to American Nettings & Fabric, Inc. one of the leading suppliers of nettings and fabrics in North America. American Nettings has been family owned and operated for 35 years. American Nettings offers a wide range of netting and fabric products for commercial and home applications. Our nettings and fabrics are made in a variety of sizes, from packaged retail products to commercial size rolls. We have industry sector experts giving us constant updates and feedback to ensure that we offer our customers the highest quality products to suit their application.

Our netting assortment consists of garden netting, bird netting, utility netting, pond netting, deer & poultry netting, bug netting, trellis netting, vineyard netting, and hail netting. American Nettings & Fabric also supplies garden fencing, deer & poultry fencing, floating row cover, landscape fabric, woven ground cover, privacy shade, tomato greenhouse and truck tarps. Our sewing department can customize Shade Cloth, Ground Cover, Hail Netting, Insect Netting, and Big Bug Netting orders to your specifications.

Offering extensive selections of horticultural products for both home and commercial applications including Bird Netting, Deer Fencing, Trellis Netting, Shade Cloth, Landscape Fabric, and much, much more.

Address:   2684 Delta Ring Rd, Ferndale, WA 98248, USA
Phone:  800-811-7444   FAX:  800-211-6387