Acacia Wood Barrels from Avera Products . 
Our barrels are one of our best selling product lines for garden centers across the country. Coming in 6 different sizes these make a great display just by stacking them. Made from sturdy Acacia wood, these barrels are designed with tongue-and-groove construction and sealed with all-natural Linseed oil for long-lasting durability. Powder-coated steel straps add additional strength, these barrels are made to last. Avera wood barrels are exactly what any garden and patio needs year round. The versatile and timeless look are perfect for both spring and fall seasons.

Avera Products is a family owned business with a close-knit team of dedicated staff who's core values are honesty, integrity, and authenticity which influence everything we do. We strive to continually offer unique, high quality products that tell a story and create an exciting shopping experience for consumers. The niche styles and designs we produce appeal to a broad audience, achieving excellent sell through across a variety of market segments and localities. As a national distributor of quality home and garden products, we highly value our relationships with independent garden centers throughout the country. We would love to help meet your pottery and decor needs, whatever they may be.


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